Articles and reports: 2019

Article in Al Chirah – June 21, 2019

Article by Layla Badih – Al Liwaa, July 2, 2019

Article by Mona Fayyad – Al Nahar, July 14, 2019

Radio program by Michel Meaiki – Voice of Lebanon, July 20, 2019

Article by Dr Charles Rizk – Annahar, September 21, 2019

Articles and reports: 2011 to 2018

Talk by President Hussein El Husseini at the ‘President Chehab’s memorial day’ event – 24 April 2012

Talk by Minister Jean Obeid at the ‘President Chehab’s memorial day’ event – 24 April 2012

Article by Samir Atallah following the ‘President Chehab’s memorial day’ event – Annahar, 9 May 2012

Article by Professor Antoine Seif  – Annahar, 13 January 2013

Article by Ziad Hayek  – Al Jamhouriya, 12 April 2013

Speech by Ziad Hayek  – ‘Forum of Renewed Thought‘, USJ – 23 October 2013

Talk by French historian Stéphane Malsagne “De Gaulle-Fouad Chehab: Entre affinité et usage politique d’une comparaison during a colloque organized by the Charles de Gaulle Foundation at the French Sénat in Paris  – 24 January 2014

Article by Abel Rahman Abdel Mawla Al Solh on past Lebanese Presidents – Al Hayat, 28 May 2014

Article by Jad Abou Jaoude on President Chehab’s mandate –, 8 June 2014

Article by Daoud Sayegh on President Chehab – Al Nahar, 26 June 2014

Article by Ghassan Jawad  – Al Jamhouriya, 31 July 2015

Article on the IRFED Mission by Gibrayel Hannah Younes  – Assafir, 18 June 2016 (Valuable information) 

Article by Amine Uwaida – Al Bayan weekly magazine, 1 August 2016

Article by Raquel Atayek on President Chehab and the newly inaugurated Museum – Al Joumhuriah and LebanonFiles newspaper, 26 September 2016

Editorial by Talal Salman
 – Assafir newspaper, 24 October 2016

Article by Samir Al Tannir – Assafir newspaper, 5 November 2016

Article by Me Hyam Mallat – French ‘HISTORIA’ magazine, Special issue on Lebanon, December 2016

Radio program by Michel Maaiki  – ‘Voice of Lebanon’, 25 April 2017 (On the 44th anniversary of President Chehab’s death)

Article by René Habachi – Al Asala (by the ‘Centre Maronite de documentation et recherche’, April 2017: ‘Les Conférences du Cénacle Libanais’ – April 1961

Article by Monseigneur Antoine Kortbawi – Al Asala, April 2015: From ‘Al Chiraah’ – May 1964

Article by Dr Nawaf Kabbara  – Annahar, 6 July 2017

TV talk by Issam Bekdache – Al Nashra, 17 July 2017

Article by Emile Khoury  – Annahar, 19 October 2017

Article on President Chehab, selected amongst Lebanon’s most prominent historical personalities  – Addiyar, 24 December 2017

Article on President Chehab and his mandate  – IN ENGLISH – The Daily Star, 4 April 2014

Article by Stephane Malsagne on President Fouad Chehab’s reforms achievements from 1958 onward – L’Orient-Le-Jour, July 27, 2018

Article by ambassador Gebran Soufan on President Chehab – Annahar, May 19, 2018

Article by Izzat Safi mentioning President Chehab as described by Kamal Joumblatt – Al Hayat, July 23, 2018

Article by Claude Assaf on the 60th anniversary of President Chehab’s presidential election – L’Orient-Le-Jour, September 23, 2018

Articles and reports: 1998 to 2010

Article by President Charles Helou on President Chehab’s 25th commemorative year – Annahar, 25 April 1998 (Also part of the ‘Testimonies’ book mentioned above)

News article covering President Chehab’s 25th Commemoration conference – Addiyar, 25 April 1998

News article covering President Chehab’s 25th Commemoration conference – Al Anwar, 25 April 1998

 Article by Armand Assaf on President Chehab’s 25th commemorative year – April 1998

Article by Izzat Safi on Fouad Chehab – Annahar, 9 May 1998

Article by Bassem El Jisr – Al Hawadess, 1 May 1998

Article after President Chehab’s 25th Commemoration – (French) – Le Commerce du Levant, 7 May 1998

News article on the unveiling of President’s Chehab’s Statue event – Annahar, 7 November 1999

Report and articles on the occasion of the unveiling of Chehab’s statue in Jounieh – Assafir, 6 November 1999

Article by Fouad Machalaani – Annahar, 19 April 2001

Article by General Michel Nassif – NDU University magazine and Al Anwar, 2004

Conference by Bassem El Jisr at Notre Dame de Jamhour college – June 2005

Article by General Francois Genadry on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of President Chehab’s resignation on 20 July 1960 – L’Orient-le-Jour, 23 July 2005

Article by General Ahmad El Hajj on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of President Chehab’s resignation on 20 July 1960 – Annahar, 22 July 2005

Article by General Ahmad El Hajj – An Nahar, 23 September 2005

 Article by Abd El Hamid El Ahdab on President Chehab and Raymond Edde – An Nahar, 21 November 2007 (includes what Raymond Edde said about President Chehab one week before he passed away in Paris, in May 2000)

Article by Antoine Messara – An Nahar, 16 June 2008

Article by Samir Atallah on the occasion of the release of ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – Annahar, 26 November 2008

Talk by President Hussein Husseini on the occasion of the release of ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book– 25 November 2008

Article by Fouad Daaboul, at the release of ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – Al Anwar, 26 November 2008

Article by Talal Salman, after the release of ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – Assafir, 5 December 2008

Article by Abd El Rahman Abd El Mawla El Solh, after the release of ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – Annahar, 6 December 2008

Talk by General Jean Nassif at a conference about the ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – 2 February 2009

Article by Joseph Bassil, about the ‘Fouad Chehab’s Republic’ book – Annahar, 5 February 2009

Testimonials - 'Fouad Chehab, the builder of the Independence State' book

A large collection of articles, testimonies and conference talks on President Chehab were compiled in the ‘Fouad Chehab, the builder of the Independence State – Testimonials’ book, published by the Fouad Chehab Foundation in 2005 (see the Publications page).

The whole book is available on this website:
– Part 1
(Includes speeches by Emir Hares Chehab, General Jean Nassif, Doctor Hassan Shalak, Doctor Boutros Dib, General (President) Michel Suleiman, Minister Georges Frem, President Selim Hoss, General Ahmad El Hajj)
– Part 2
(Includes speeches by Minister Talal Arslane, Minister Rafic Chahine, Ambassador Fouad Turk, Archbishop Khalil Abi Nader (representing H.B. Nasrallah Sfeir), Minister Georges Corm, journalists Talal Salman, Suleiman Takieddine, Bassem El Jisr, Ambassador Joseph Donato and Minister Fouad Al Saad)
– Part 3
(Includes articles by President Charles Helou, Minister Kamal Joumblatt, Minister Fouad Boutros, Bassem El Jisr, General Michel Nassif, journalist Izzat Safi, General Aziz El Ahdab, General Francois Genadry, Mr. Jean Kmeid and Mr. Farhan Saleh)

His death in the press (April 1973)

Al Anwar of 28 April 1973 (includes 4 pages and photos)

Annahar of 28 April 1973 (includes 4 pages and many photos)

Editorial by Saeed Freiha – Al Anwar 28 April 1973

Maurice Duverger, French renowned law personality, met President Chehab few days before his death (French) – L’Orient-le-jour, 24 April 1973

Report in the Addiyar monthly magazine – April 1973

Article in the ‘Al Anwar Al Ahad’ weekly – April 1973

Articles and reports in the Assayyad weekly – 3 May 1973
– Part 1: Editorial by Saeed Freiha and article by Munah El Solh
– Part 2: Articles by Elias Rababi and Bassem El Jisr
– Part 3: Main report and article by Abdullah Al Machnouk and General Jamil Lahoud

Report in the Assayyad weekly, four months before Chehab’s death (Includes a virtual interview by Elias Rababi) – 17 December 1972

More articles, testimonies and speeches from April 1973 were compiled in the ‘Fouad Chehab – The Commander and the President’ book, by Wakim Bou Lahdou (see the Publications page).
You may access them directly from here:
– French articles
(include articles from the following French written press: Ach-Chirah, Le Soir, L’Orient-le-Jour, As-Safa).
– Arabic articles and speeches
(include the funeral speeches by Army General Iskandar Ghanem, H.B. Patriarch Boulos Meouchi; testimonies by President Rachid Karame, Sheikh Pierre Gemayel, President Adel Ousseiran, Amid Raymond Edde; and article-excerpts from the following newspapers: Al Jarida, An Nahar, Al Muharrer, Al Anwar, Al Amal, Al Hadiss).

Newspapers 1959-1963

Annahar – 26 March 1959
(On the Chehab-Abdel Nasser border meeting)

Annahar – 21 July 1960
(On President Chehab’s resignation)

Annahar – 22 November 1962
(Article by Ghassan Tuéni on Independence Day)