Honoring President Chehab's Memory

Special initiatives:


Participating along with the Municipality of Jounieh in edifying a memorial statue for President Chehab, in November 1999.

Obtaining a Ministerial decision by the Lebanese Cabinet in 2008 naming President Chehab as one of the Men of Independence.

Renovating the sculpture outside President Chehab’s grave in Ghazir on 25 April 2009, his death commemoration day: Photo 1Photo 2.


Publication of Books

Since 1998, four books have been published by the foundation:


– ‘Fouad Chehab’ by Dr Bassem el Jisr (Arabic, 1998)

– ‘Fouad Chehab’ by Dr Bassem el Jisr (English translation, 2018)

– ‘Fouad Chehab, the Builder of the Independent State- Testimonies’ (2005)

– ‘The Fouad Chehab Republic’ by Nicolas Nassif (2008) published jointly with Dar Annahar.

Wreath of Flowers on President Chehab’s Grave

On Independence Day (22 November):

2004: Newspaper
2009: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
2010: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
2011: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
2017: Photo 1Photo 2

On President Chehab’s death day anniversary (25 April):

2009: Newspaper, Photo
2010: An NaharAl AnwarPhoto 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
2011: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
2012: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
2013: Report & Photos
2014: Report & Photos
2016: Report & Photos
2017: Report & Photos
2019: Report & Photos

The ‘Fouad Chehab Cup’ (Annual Equestrian Competition)

Each year, the Foundation holds the ‘Fouad Chehab Cup’:

2009: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
2011: Photo 1Photo 2
2012: PressPhoto 1Photo 2Photo 3
2013: Report & PhotosAl NaharAl AnwarL’Orient Le JourAssafirSport-Leb
2014: Report & PhotosAl NaharAl AnwarAssafirL’Orient Le Jour
2015: Report & PhotosAl NaharAssafirL’Orient Le JourSport-Leb
2016: Report & PhotosAssafir OnlineAssafirAl DiyarAl NaharAl AnwarSport-Leb
2017: Report & PhotosAl Anwar Al Wikala Al WataniyaAl Akhbar

Prizes to Outstanding School Students

Each year, the foundation grants its annual prizes to the outstanding students in the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams:

2002: Photo
2004: Newspaper, Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
2005: Photo
2006: Photo
2007: Photo 1, Photo 2
2008: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
2009: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
2010: Newspaper
2012: Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5
2013: Press release with photo

Sponsoring University Theses

The foundation sponsors university theses, undertaken by university students on President Chehab, his achievements and his principles:


Symposiums on TV and Conferences

The foundation organizes and participates in symposiums on television and conferences,

and publishes articles on topical issues inspired by President Chehab’s principles.


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Launching this Website in 3 Languages

This website was launched in 3 languages:

– On 22 November 2009 in its English version: Al AnwarAn Nahar

– On 22 November 2010 in its Arabic version.

– On 22 November 2011 in its French version: Website L’Orient-le-JourL’Orient-le-Jour

In 2018, the website was updated with a new design.

The Lebanese Army names the Command and Staff College after President Chehab



In 2006, the Lebanese Army honored its founder, General Fouad Chehab, by naming the Army’s Command and Staff College after him, and held an exhibition on the various stages of President General Fouad Chehab’s life.

And each year on the Army’s National Day (1st August), the Lebanese Army Commander sends a delegation to deposit a wreath of flower on President Chehab’s grave:

See also: Event on August 1, 2015