Creation of the Foundation

Towards the end of 1997, friends of President Fouad Chehab decided to establish a foundation bearing his name. After several meetings held at the residences of Minister Fouad Boutros and Cheikh Michel el Khoury, the articles of association and the internal regulations were drawn up and the association holding the name of ‘The Fouad Chehab Foundation” obtained an authorization from the Ministry of Interior under number 17/AD dated 5/2/1998. The foundation’s main objective is to carry out intellectual and social activities to revive the values that President Chehab believed in and worked for.

The founding members were (in alphabetical order):
Dr Halim Abu Ezzeddine (former ambassador), Mr Nagib Boulos (lawyer), Mr Fouad Boutros (former minister), Mr Georges Frem (former minister), Dr Issam Haidar (former ambassador), General Ahmad el Hajj (former ambassador and retired brigadier general), Engineer Adel Hamiyeh (former minister), Dr Bassem el Jisr (journalist), Cheikh Michel el Khoury (former minister), Engineer Chafik Muharram, Dr Assaad Rizk (former minister), Dr Charles Rizk (former minister), Mr Youssef Takla (former minister), Dr Rida Wahid (former minister), Mr Sleiman el Zein (former minister).

In February 1998, and in their first meeting, the founders elected a temporary administrative committee for a period of one year which was composed of former minister Fouad Boutros (President), Ahmed el Hajj (Vice-President), Bassem el Jisr (Secretary) and Adel Hamiyeh (Treasurer). A year later, a regular committe was elected for 3 years with ambassador and Brigadier General Ahmed el Hajj as President. General el Hajj stayed in this post for four mandates, from 1999 to 2011. Mr Chafik Muharram was elected as President in March 2011 and he served for two mandates until May 2017.

The 11 members of the current administrative committee (November 2018 – November 2021) are:
Charles Rizk (President), Adel Hamiyeh (Vice-President), Fares Maacaron (Secretary), Raphael Debbaneh (Treasurer), Abed El Rahman Al Mawla Al Solh, (representative of the foundation before the Government), Najib Boulos, Gen. Antoun Saad, Riad Chedid, Hady Nassif,  Mohamad Rashed Hamadeh and Nael El Assaad.
This is Dr Charles Rizk’s second successive mandate.


The main objective of the foundation is, as stated in the founding statutes: “To carry out intellectual and social activities to revive the values and the principles that President Chehab believed in and worked for.”

Members of the Foundation

List of the members, as per January 2018 (in alphabetical order):

The Foundation’s committee visiting President Suleiman – October 2008 (click to enlarge)

Nabil Abboud
Kamel Mamdouh el Abdallah
Walid Abu Dayya
Mounir Akl
Michel Akl
Nael Al Assaad
Fadi Assaf
Georges Asseily
Abdelsalam Aris
Hassan Awada
Issam Bekhdach
Ziad Baroud
Sami Beidoun
Nagib Boulos
Hisham el Cha’ar
Rabih El Chaer
Ziad Chebib
Riad Chedid
Farid Chehab
Fouad Walid Chehab
Nouhad Choucair
Fady Comair
Fawzi Dagher
Walid Daouk
Raphael Debbane
Antonio El Hashem
Salim Esta
Mohammad Fawaz
Ne’emat Georges Frem
Antoine Ghossein
Ahmed El Hajj (Honorary president of the Foundation)
Ramzi Hafez
Issam Haidar
Abbas El Halabi
Rached Hamade
Adel Hamiyeh
Julie Hanna
Antonio El Hashem
Riya El Hassan
Zafer El Hassan
Marwan Harb
Henry Helou
Nassif Hetti
Jihad Ibrahim
Joe Farid Issa El Khoury
Joe Wadih Issa El Khoury
Marwan Iskandar
Asem Jaber
Bassem El Jisr
Khaled Kabbani
Nawaf Kabbara
Simon Kachar
Walid Kassem
Toufic Kfoury
Rabih Yacoub Khalifeh
Farid El Khazen
Fouad El Khazen
Michel Bechara El Khoury
Michel El Khoury
Nazem El Khoury
Souheil Khoury
Fares Haykal Maacaron
Michel Maayki
Ghaleb Mahmasani
Hyam Mallat
Georges Hyam Mallat
Sami Minkara
Chafik Muharram (Former president of the Foundation)
Samir Chafik Muharram
Nicolas Nahhas
Assad Najem
Alexandre Najjar
Nasser Nasrallah
Michel Nassif
Jean Nassif
Hady Jean Nassif
Amer Fouad Obeid
Mahmoud Osman
Sabine Owaiss
Walid Michel Rahbani
Assaad Rizk
Charles Rizk (Presently the president of the Foundation)
Antoine Saad
Ezzat Safi
Mazen Salha
Talal Salman
Mohamad Sammak
Antoine El Samra
Jacques Sarraf
Daoud Sayegh
Samir Shamma
Abdelrahman Abd El Mawla El Solh
Fares Antoine Souaid
Karim Antoine Souaid
Gebran Soufan
Youssef Takla
Aref El Yafi
Nabil Manuel Younes
Makram Zaccour
Jihad El Zein

Deceased members:

Halim Abu Ezzedine
Fouad Boutros (Former honorary president of the Foundation)
Rafik Chahine
Georges Frem
Samir Kassir
Gaby Lahoud
Assaad Mkaddem
Khaled Najjar
Clovis Rizk
Emile Tabet
Rida Wahid
Sleiman El Zein
Raymond Najjar