Personal Documents

His Identity Card – 1960

His Marriage Certificate
 (Arabic) – 1926

Attested copy from the Marriage Register (Arabic) – 1960

His Passport from the Mandate period – 1929

A Diplomatic Passport

A salary order as a retired officer (Arabic) – October 1958

His handwritten testament (Arabic) – March 1964

Specimen of his signature (French – Arabic)

Official Documents

Document signed by 41 Lebanese officers during World War II, taking a common pledge to work only under the Lebanese Government (Arabic) – 26 July 1941

Attestation from the Minister of Defense that General Chehab lead the Lebanese military actions on the Palestinian territory during the first Arab-Jewish war (Arabic) – 29 June 1949 

Presidential Decree by President Camille Chamoun granting amnesty to the Hermel tribesmen as per General Chehab’s request (Arabic) – 18 August 1955

Presidential Decree naming General Chehab Minister of Defense in the Sami El Solh Cabinet (Arabic) – 18 November 1956

President of the Assembly Adel Ousseiran, officially informing General Chehab of his election to the Presidency (Arabic ) – 31 July 1958

The original constitutional oath document that President Chehab read from on his presidential oath day (Arabic) – 23 September 1958

From the original paper of President Chehab’s inaugural speech at the Lebanese Parliament: First page – Third page (Arabic) – 23 September 1958 (Find the full speech here: In Arabic – In French)

Handwritten letter of his resignation from the Presidency, presented to the President of Assembly (Arabic) – 20 July 1960

Address to the Lebanese citizens, announcing his resignation and calling for new elections (In French – In Arabic) – 20 July 1960

Letter from the US Ambassador in Lebanon Armin Meyer to the State Department in Washington pressing it to strengthen its interference in Lebanon (English) – 8 July 1964

Public letter by former Venezuela Ambassador in Lebanon Miguel Hadgialy Divo asking for President Chehab to be granted the military grade of Maréchal (French) – January 1966

Text of his official refusal to run for the 1970 Presidency (In French – In English – In Arabic) – 4 August 1970(Recommended to read)

Military Documents


His military assignments from 1919 to 1941 within the French Army, during the French Mandate period (French)

Lebanese Commemorative Medal as a first Lieutenant (French – Arabic) – 1927

Military ratings by his superiors in the French Army (French) – 1930-1932

Military ratings (Feuillet du personnel) by his superiors in the French Army (French) – 1933-1934

Military ratings (Feuillet du personnel) by his superiors in the French Army (French) – 1935-1936

Military ratings (Feuillet du personnel) by his superiors in the French Army (French) – 1937

Captain Chehab praised by his superior at the Rachaya casern upon being transferred to the central Army Headquarters (French) – 12 November 1936

Article written by Captain Chehab in the ‘Revue Trimestrielle des Troupes du Levant’ (French) – Numero 2, 1937

Commandant Chehab highly praised by his superior General Cazaban – An official French Army document (French) – 31 October 1939

His nomination to the grade of Lieutenant Colonel by General Catroux (French) – 31 January 1942

His nomination to the grade of Colonel (French) – 11 January 1944

The Presidential Decree of his nomination to the grade of Major General (Arabic) – 1 August 1949

Official Correspondence


Letter from French President General Charles De Gaulle (French) – 16 June 1964 (Recommended to read) 

Letter from US Vice-President Lyndon Johnson after his visit to Lebanon (English) – 23 August 1962

Letter from the Apostolic Nuncio in Lebanon Righi-Lambertini expressing the Vatican’s gratitude for President Chehab’s intervention for the suspension of the death sentence on a bishop in Iraq (French) – 8 November 1963

Letter from Kamal Joumblatt upon the Presidential elections (French) – 1 August 1958

Personal Correspondence


Handwritten letter to his former adviser Intendant (Quartermaster) Jean Lay (French) – 4 January 1973

Testimony on General de Gaulle
, as per a request from the Charles de Gaulle Institute in France (French) – July 1972
(Read also the 1st page of a handwritten draft for this testimony)

Handwritten letter to Major Michel Nassif assigned in Yugoslavia at the start of President Frangie’s mandate (French) – 19 August 1971

Handwritten letter to Captain Jean Nassif assigned to India at the start of President Frangie’s mandate (French) – 12 June 1971